Blue Mountain Launch Status

Authorization by Blue Mountain is required before flying. Status posted below.

Note: No more flying at Blue Mtn. :(
Today (Thu, Jan 20): Not yet requested
Tomorrow (Fri, Jan 21): Not yet requested
Day After Tomorrow (Sat, Jan 22): Not yet requested

Harry submitted a request to fly at 12:55 PM

XC Flying

Status: Tower has not yet been contacted today.
ABE tower must be called before making any XC flights!
This is to enhance awareness and safety. It does not grant permission to enter restricted airspace.
Going XC? Call (610) 264-4530. Use this script:
Hello <your name>,
We are paraglider pilots flying from the Blue Mountain Ski area.
About <number> pilots will be flying <east towards Phillipsburg / west towards Reading>
at a height of <#> feet above sea level.
We plan to launch around <#> o'clock to <#> o'clock.

Then, submit your name below so the rest of the pilots know the tower has been contacted for the day.

Tower Called by

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