Site Details

This site has been established in a cooperative effort between Blue Mountain and the Little Gap Club (the new Blue Mt. Club). Any activity involving paragliding or hang gliding on Blue Mountain property is permitted only by active members of the Blue Mountain Gliding Club with express permission of Blue Mountain provided on a daily basis.

  Before engaging in ANY paraglider or hang glider activities pilots must:

  • Possess an official Blue Mountain Flying Club Member ID card, which will be issued after signing the waivers and application. Join the Blue Mountain Flying Club Here.
  • Clearance must be granted by Blue Mountain EACH DAY pilots intend to fly. Check the status page before driving to the mountain. Blue Mt. has activities running throughout the year. Advanced notice to fly is required every time. They reserve the right to refuse anyone. Request to fly by using the web page
  • You must know and respect the LVI or (ABE) Air space and Restricted Landing Areas. To examine airspace in greater detail, download and this Google Earth KMZ file: NY-PA-NJ-sectionals.kmz.  Do not fly in the airspace Directly behind Launch for any reason. Security will be on you with in minutes. Repeated violation will result in the termination of your membership.
  • Possess a working radio for communication. Radio frequency (148.500 MHz)
  • Helmet and reserve parachutes are required.
  • Park a retrieval car in Blue Mountain parking lot nearest the L-Z.  If the wire gate is up you most return it to the same position it was before you got there.
  • Only P4 and H4 may fly in mid-day conditions.
  • P3 & H3 pilots can only fly mid-day conditions with an observer. You must have a sponsor (P4 or H4) that is willing to mentor you.
  • New P2 pilots must be observed by an instructor for their first four flights.
  • Less experienced pilots, learn by observing the senior pilots and assisting in there retrievals between 12-4 pm. In return, the mentors agree to observe, coach and fly along with the freshmen between 9-11 am and 5-9 pm. This is a voluntary agreement between the two parties designed to assure the growth and safety of the sport.
Do not just show up at the mountain without having signed waivers and expect to fly. Anyone caught violating  the rules will be banned from the site. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to flying with you

  Launch, Landing and No Fly Zones

  • You can only fly if you have the ID card in hand.  No exceptions.  Blue Mt. reserves the right to see proof you have signed the appropriate documents.
  • Blue Mountain is a typical North West site. It is, depending on the conditions flyable from West North West to North East
  • No Top Landings, or Commercial Tandems. Unless pre-approved by Blue Mountain.
  • Only land in the designated L-Z . Mid-day conditions can be quite thermic in the L-Z.  Even advanced pilots prefer to land over the back during strong conditions
  • Please take note and avoid the ABE airspace at all cost. Violating the airspace without contacting the tower is grounds for suspension of licence.
Before flying in the Blue Mountain, please consider the FLYING and NO FLYING ZONES. Correct behavior is crucial to keep the Flight Park running. Thank you for helping protect our Site. Attention: P2 and P3’s  must have a sponsor  mid-day conditions are advanced conditions and not for inexperienced pilots. Be aware of the strong thermals in the LZ mid day